All our paddocks are post and railed and have an abundance of natural shelter which together with our well constructed field shelters provide optimum comfort for the horses in all weathers. From late autumn to spring all horses are stabled by night and enjoy a few hours out every day or if the weather is very bad, they can use the covered horsewalker. We feed hay made on our farm and a specialist stud diet (SANDERS REPRO UNIQUE) with locally produced Alfalfa chaff, PusVital and soya oil.

We will walk your mare in to the stallion of your choice standing in Normandie.


Boarding mares (permanent) €15 a day or €20 a day with foal at foot

Boarding mares (breeding season only) €20 or €25 a day with foal at foot

Mare under lights + €2 per day

Foaling fee €400

Weanlings/yearlings €15 a day

Sales Prep €25 a day + €500 for sales expenses which include transport, door card and presentation (Arqana, Deauville) and €650 for all sales in France. We do not charge commission on sales.

€50 per month per horse will be charged for minor medication/sundries

Transport within Normandie €0.80 per km


Agent fees – if you would like us to act as your agent in France for example, negotiating nomination fees, sales entries/inspections and handling all administration matters, we will charge 5% on the total of our monthly invoice ex VAT. This would be approximately €30 a month or €360 a year per horse.


If you have an appropriate UK VAT registration number and upon receipt of a copy of the registration, your invoices will be zero-rated. If you do not, VAT will be charged at 10% on all breeding related supplies/services and 20% for general supplies/services



We use the standard TBA boarding stud agreement. Invoices will be sent monthly by email our terms are payment on receipt.

To offer such competitive prices, good relationships with our suppliers and positive cash flow are vital. Transferring money from the UK can be expensive especially when small invoices have to be paid e.g. a lab fee for an EVA test is about €20 – you may be charged €20 from your bank to do the transfer. For this reason, unless specifically advised otherwise, we will pay all invoices on your behalf and we will expect prompt monthly payment of our accounts. We can accept GBP or Euros – all your invoices will be in euros.

Veterinary invoices are made out to individual clients: farrier, registrations and worming etc are at cost.

We have a wealth of experience and success with older and problems mares so please feel free to contact us to discuss your individual requirements and how the FRENCH OWNERS AND BREEDERS PREMIUMS will work for you.

Our clients recommend us – references available.